BXG LOP & S04 Lintel


 One of the most prestigious types of elevators products are panoramic elevators. They can be located in shopping and business centers, hotels, restaurants and homes.
The panoramic elevators are surrounded by glass and provide a pleasant view to its users. For this reason, the elevator has a visually elegant appearance. The windows of the panoramic elevator must not be broken or shattered when broken to protect the safety of their users.

Panoramic elevator – an essential element to the architectural design of the building. These lifts are installed in order to revive the architectural ensemble and make it more stylish and attractive for visual perception.
Externally attractive, panoramic lifts to help passengers not only comfortable to move between floors, but also allow to get aesthetic pleasure from the contemplation of the outside of the building space, thereby increasing ridership and encouraging people to shop, which is especially important for shopping centers. For people with a fear of confined spaces  are no problems with the rise in panoramic lift.
Thus, the use of such lifts from a commercial point of view is very cost-effective solution that allows you to increase the company’s profits by raising the level of sales, as well as significantly improved their status in the eyes customers and other visitors.

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