PL touch

Smart LOP Elevator
Touch screen panel

Blue or black segment LCD display

Surface mounted design with Plexiglass panel

High Quality plexiglass

Operating Voltage 12v / 24v

NEW design glass touch screen

Touch screen hall call up & down button. The push button would be dynastic and bright when it is pressed. And the push button would keep on the status until the elevator reaches

Shows the elevator floor and up or down status in LCD Colorful display series

Shows alarm information function: receive the real time alarm signal, showing “overload”, “fire” and “maintenance”, “earthquake”, etc.

Function of Power-saving Operation
When elevator stops running for 30 minutes (no up or down signal), display screen will turn off
backlight automatically to save energy and extend usage lift of the backlight. The screen will be
back to normal 0.5 seconds after receiving directional signal. (Backlight is always on from 6:00 to
۲۳:۰۰ for outside LCD screens)