Multi Color Elevator Display


  • Colorful displaying with various effects for object, background and themes. Displaying sequential fix under text strings (during displaying main data) up to 7 strings, Program with a keyboard (direct connection to display board) or computer software.
  • Resolution:  ۱۶×۸ for ED400 (Column*Row) and 8X16 for ED410.
  • Displaying area: 60mmX120(112.5)mm (height*width) for ED400, 120(112.5)X60mm for ED410
  • RGB high bright LEDs
  • Displays digits and characters (-9~99, GF, B, L, P and …) and preset strings.
  • Parallel or serial input with automatic detection (serial input priority)
  • On board over load buzzer (with on/off DIP jumper).
  • Animated displaying, Fix end scrolling for digits (or characters) as main object and continues scrolling for arrows as the background.
  • Supply voltage: 14~30V DC, Working temperature: -20~60^C.
  • Slim profile, Depth= 20mm (maximum).


  • Various Programmable Displaying Effects.
  • Various parallel input: 7 segment, Gray code, Binary code, fully programmable.
  • Active low or active high inputs.