Display: Latis LCD

Dimension: 115×65 mm (H)

Visible messages:

+ ۹- to 1- floors

+ P9 to P1 floors

+ B9 to B1 floors

+ B, P, L floors

+ GF floors, 1, 2, …., 18, 19

+ Up and down directions

Over Load, Door Open warning messages

Equipped with jumpers DO OFF

Rational: It can add class announcement board as well.

– Contrast adjustable: equipped with a potentiometer to adjust the contrast.

– Ability to define Farsi or English subtitles using the display programmer

– Ability to define a logo image using the display programmer

– Ability to disable motion effects using DIP Switch for high lifts

Input Voltage:

Supports a wide range of voltages between 18 and 35 volts

Input properties:

Only parallel segment with active status with GND

(Customized to binary and Gary as well.)

Device Input Name:

A, B, C, D, E, F, G, -, 10, TR, OVL, DO, DN, UP

Supports semi-lit screen status during cabin idle to extend the life of the LCD display backlight

Demo feature support for displaying all the capabilities of the device to be placed behind the panel of elevator panel exhibitors

Compact, beautiful and completely economical