R300 dot-matrix display

Dimension: 120×70 mm

Display: Falling with circle dots

Visible messages:

۹- to 1-
Classes P9 to P1
Classes B9 to B1
Floors B, P, L
GF floors, 1, 2, …., 18, 29
Up and down directions
And also warning messages:
Over Load, Door Open, Door Close, Out of Service

Input Voltage:

Supports a wide range of voltages between 18 and 35 volts

With swing protected input

Input properties:

Parallel Seven Segment with Active Status with GND

(Customized converts to binary and Gary as well.)

Two or four series

Device Input Name:

A, B, C, D, E, F, G, -, 10, 20, OVL, DO, DC, SV, DN, UP

Equipped with over Load sound alarms

Includes motion effects for directions

Supports semi-lit screen status during cabin idle to extend the life of the LCD monitor’s background noise

Demo feature support for displaying all the capabilities of the device to be placed behind the panel of elevator panel exhibitors

Available in 5 different colors (red, orange, green, blue and white)