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About Us

Media Elevator Panel Company founders entered in elevator industry in 2000.

Based on their experiences and getting knowledge in this industry, founders decided to found a manufacturer; So Medical Elevator Panel Company was founded in 2007.

Media Elevator Panel Co. produces LOPs (Landing Operating Panels) and COPs (Cabin Operating Panels). Also our company exports to Turkey, Azerbaijan, Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Cabin Operating Panels


Elevator Push Button

شرکت مدیا ®Media - تولید کننده پنل های آسانسور - تلفن: 9الی 77790056

Landing Operating Panel


Elevator Display Panel

Customer Relationship Management

Due to the quantitative and qualitative growth of the company in the beginning of the 2017 Media complex decided to establish CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System, which aims to implement this system to meet the needs of the customer and reduce energy waste. we hope all these efforts will help us to provide the best possible service for our valued customers.

Quality Management System Certification

in 2016, Media Co. has been assessed the first company in Iran that active in production of LOP an COP elevator panel and found to be in accordance the requirements of the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 10002:2004.

Reliable warranty

warranty & commitment is to ensure that the machines & devices operates properly over a period of time, which is a guarantee of design, parts mechanism and assembly. Should any problems occur within the specified time, all manufacturing defects will be resolved free of charge by MEDIA Corporation.

Mission and Vision

Our mission statement is “ to developing our products and serve customers through online and physical showroom and focus on quality, price, safety and after sales services.”

Our vision statement is “to be part of the best manufacturer in Iran and surrounding countries; also expanding exports”

Contact us

شما میتوانید با مراجعه حضوری به محل شرکت و کارخانه، ضمن بازدید از نمایشگاه دائمی مستقر در دفتر و مشاهده ی طرح های ابتکارانه ی ما، اقدام به خرید نمایید.

:تهران-تهرانپارس-خیابان اتحاد – کوچه یکم اتحاد (شهید آباده) – ابتدای خیایان احسان – بن بست حیدری – پلاک ۱۱ –

:تلفکس : ۰۲۱۷۷۷۹۰۰۵۶ الی ۹

: mediaPanel80@gmail.Com

:تلفکس : ۰۲۱۷۷۷۹۰۰۵۶ الی ۹



Invest in Best


Media Co. sales department has provided a comfortable showroom in central office of Tehran.

According to diversity of products, Customers and visitors can observe and test products; Also present services and products performances to them by sales experts in this showroom.

International Exhibition

Media co. participate in annual international exhibition in Tehran for presenting abilities and creativity in elevator industry, Also having customer relationship, understanding market needs and updating technical knowledge are the other Media Co. goals for participating in exhibition.

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