M109 Push buttons

  • steel body, micro-switch (made in Japan), Braille available, life-time guarantee

Lift push button

  • high quality and economic price
  • Nice design and good service
  • Very durable
  • numeric with brail
  • life-time guarantee
  • micro-switch (made in Japan)
 stainless steel button


Steel frame

stainless steel key-press

the thickness of installation plate :2-3mm

Easy to fix with embedding the face plate directly

Operation Pressure: 2.5~5N

Rated Voltage: DC24V,DC12V

LED illumination with braille design
LED colour: white, red, yellow, blue, orange, green
Applicable: Hospital Elevator, Passenger Elevator, Home Lift, car lift, freight elevator

Symbol reference: DO(Door Open), DC(Door Close),Fan , Alarm, Telephone, -1, -2, 1~40 number, Up, Down, G, B etc. English Words.

Temperature: -10~50°C
Humidity: 45% ~ 90%

Warranty Time: 5 years

operation life: more than 3 billion time

The buttons include landing button, up and down button, open and close button, alarm and intercom button
Color of LED illumination could be customized by client.
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