Lift Control & Elevator Access
The elevator access security system consists of a door access control reader in the elevator

Access Control System (Elevator Limitation System)

Access Control System (Elevator Limitation System) VAX201,VAX202


This model is based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). Type of systems which are based on RFID; are wireless identification systems that able to exchange data with connection between tag with a reader

This connection is established by electronic signal and electromagnetism that for recognizing no touch. These days by using this type of new technology does not need to use Alpha switch or old lock and key for elevator traffic control. Media Elevator Panel Co. by using of new technology, creates and produces new and modern systems that provides different level of traffic management with following purposes:

  1. Increase building safety

  2. Manage accessing to floors

  3. Prevent depreciation

One of the simplest elevator limitation system is based on RFID with one out put that it has one active output with GND which can be used in two following ways:

  1.  Replacing with push buttons on LOP and COP

  2. With one or group elevator push buttons on LOP or COP can be covered


Using of second way has a good advantage that call “System by Pass”. This feature for a building they want to remove access temporary and they can use push buttons without showing tags and also without elevator technician help with using master card (setting card). This device has designed for noise condition, electronic shocks and electromagnetism that exist in system of elevator 3-phase that have much more suitable performance than imported samples or domestic produce and it has guaranteed for 3 years by Media Elevator Panel Company. Also this device has buzzer and LED in two colors green-red the helps user set it easily by manual brochure. Access control system is able to diagnose card in 5 cm easily and it has much long lifespan. This device can recognize 500 cards.