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Access Control System (Elevator Limitation System)

Access Control System (Elevator Limitation System) VAX201,VAX202   This model is based on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). Type of systems which are based on RFID; are wireless identification systems that able to exchange data with connection between tag with a reader This connection is established by electronic signal and electromagnetism that for recognizing no touch. […]


Disabled/ Platform Lift Disabled lifts are designed for the people who are sick as much as being not able to ascend a stair or step up on any elevation and to make these persons pass over these obstructions easily. Disabled lifts provides this comfort by its platform or one mechanism attached to the corner of […]


HYDRAULIC ELEVATORS WHAT IS A HYDRAULIC ELEVATOR? There are two main types of elevator systems: traction and hydraulic. Traction elevators utilize steel ropes or belts on a pulley system. Hydraulic elevators are powered by hydraulic jack, which are fluid-driven pistons that travel inside of a cylinder. HOW DO HYDRAULIC ELEVATORS WORK? Unlike traction elevators, hydraulic […]


Freight elevators are mostly used in buildings with high load-bearing activities such as warehouses, shopping malls and factories. The most important feature of a freight elevator is the carrying capacity. The carrying capacity of these elevators can be up to 10,000 kg. It can be specially designed according to the environment where the elevator is located, […]


Hospital Elevators The hospital elevators must be of a standard to allow other passengers to travel comfortably with the stretcher. Stretcher lift cabins should comply with hygiene rules in terms of health, and anti-bacterial measures should be taken. Hospital elevators, also known as patient lifts, are designed with stainless steel interior decoration, and the light level should […]


 One of the most prestigious types of elevators products are panoramic elevators. They can be located in shopping and business centers, hotels, restaurants and homes. The panoramic elevators are surrounded by glass and provide a pleasant view to its users. For this reason, the elevator has a visually elegant appearance. The windows of the panoramic elevator must […]

 MEDIA Elevator COP & LOP

 MEDIA Elevator COP & LOP ۱. Series elevator COP ۲. Box less type LOP ۳. ISO9001 certificate Elevator parts, Elevator spare parts, elevator component – Elevator COP & calling board Feature&Specification: ۱. Face panel: Stainless steel, available in mirror finish, hairline finish, titanium plated finish or others ۲. Various push buttons for your selection:  View all Push Buttons ۳. Signal input mode: ۷segment, BCD code, Gray code or Binary code ۴. OVERLOAD or other word can be displayed ۵. Internal function box for error detection and correction ۶. Hinged face panel can be opened from left or right ۷. High or low is all effective Optional Accessory Interphone Emergency lamp Phonic station reporter IC system Display mode Optional ۷segment       Dot-matrix Display     Dot-matrix Display     LCD Liquid Crystal Display  View all Display Series We have many types of elevator COP and call board, also we may make the design according to your special request.